Macro with a Point and Shoot

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
I have a few photographers that ask me if they can do macro with their point and shoot cameras. I have been experimenting with a Canon G16 point and shoot camera for my macro/close-up photography and have to say it works very well.
One thing a point and shoot does really well is it gets everything in focus. This camera doesn’t do well to blur backgrounds on flower images, or produce shallow depth of field for soft focus flower abstracts, but it does great at getting everything in focus, so we just have to gear our shooting style to getting everything in focus.
We will search out subjects that everything in the frame is interesting, and looks great when it’s all in focus, and with this style we will be able to create great images with our point and shoot.
Here are some good examples of interesting subjects that work well with everything in focus. Add a little post processing magic and you have a nice image.

Flowing Ferns


River Sand Patterns


On the Rocks


Green on Green





  1. Carolyn Fletcher says:

    Another thing to look at with a point and shoot is, with some of them, they do better if you don’t zoom at all. Just get down really close.

  2. abower says:

    Now that Tamron is making lenses for some mirrorless cameras, such as Sony and Olympus, I hope you will explore macro photography using mirrorless cameras.

  3. thewaterclosetwerks says:

    Hi Mike, I’ve been using my Canon SX60 for macro shots and it works great!

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