Macro Photographers Can Be More Creative

Posted: December 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
There are a lot of reason why I like macro nature photography. We have tons of subjects to shoot close to home, subjects change through out the season, we control the light, you can get by with just one lens if you’re on a limited budget. Another advantage we have as macro photographers is that we can be more artistic. We can create abstracts with the subjects we shoot and also have the ability to create interesting artwork using the shallow depth of field. Sure landscape photographers can do some motion blurs and swirl the camera for a few interesting effects, but they can’t come close to the artistic options we have a macro photographers.
We can create interesting abstract like this one which is dew on top of a mushroom.

Or how about some cool abstracts in ice. Let’s see a landscape photographer or wildlife photographer do this.
We can take simple subjects like this Dandelion and create artistic images with shallow depth of field.

How about some Monet

Create art with rain drops in a pine tree.

Sand on a Beach.


Feather on the Beach.


We have unlimited opportunity to create great artwork with macro, so go be creative.


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