No Watermarks for Me

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Uncategorized
One of my facebook friends asked why I don’t place a watermark on my images.
Some photographers will add their name on to their images in hopes that it will detour people from using their images without permission.
Anyone with any basic photoshop cloning skills or content aware fill in CS Photoshop can easily clone over the watermark, so it’s not a foolproof method of protecting your images.
Most photographers that post online will size their images in a very small file size making the images useless for anything other than using on the internet.
So someone couldn’t come along and download your image and make a print, as the file size would be to small to print any size of value.
I personally don’t like the look of watermarked images and feel that it distracts from the image, so that is why I choose not to watermark my images.


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  1. Fred says:

    Valid Point !

  2. Sue Doss-McAleer says:

    I agree with you. And this image you use here is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Claire says:

    I don’t like the watermarks either and do load small image sizes on sites where they will used for online display only. But what do you do on sites where you are selling your images and they need to be a large size for printing purposes. ?

    • Mike Moats says:

      Claire, those site should be set up so you can’t right click and download easily. But if they don’t not much you can do about stopping download.

  4. Steve says:

    Mike, great post. I too think that the watermark distracts from the composition of the shot. I often notice though that most of the people using watermarks are shooting some really nice images so most of them are fairly serious about their craft. If the watermark does nothing to prevent unauthorized downloads, dare I say that ego might play a part in this?

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