Podcasts for the Road

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Uncategorized
Many of you know I drive to all my Macro Boot Camps and photo conferences all across the county. In order to keep myself sane through all the miles, I listen to my music on my Ipod.
As much as I like the hundreds of songs I listen to, I start to get tired of it after about 8 hours on the road, so I will then turn on the radio and search for a local talk show in the area I’m passing through.
Although I know of all the free photography podcasts (many that I have been interviewed on) that are available for free through Itunes, I never thought to down load some and listen to them while I drive.
One of the best in photo podcasts is called “The Candid Frame”. I was honored to be one of their guest in podcast #149. The reason I was honor was that they have interview all the biggest names in pro photography.
So I down loaded a bunch of the pros that I was interested in listening to for my long drives.
I have never listened to any of theses podcasts, and even when I have been speaking at photo conferences, I generally never go to any of the other photographer’s presentation.
Just as I want my images to stand out from all other photographers, I’ve always wanted my workshops and presentation to be of my own style and way of doing things, and never wanted any outside influences from other pro photographers, so I avoided hearing other pros speak.
I finally decided to listen to some of these podcasts to learn more about some of the other pros and see what they had to say.
Much to my surprise, what I heard from every pro was right in line with what I was teaching and the philosophy I have with photography. Concentrate on learning about subject matter, compositions, and less worry about the equipment.
When all were asked what photographer they would recommend that listeners should check out, many refereed to photographers that had books geared to composition, and less on the technical side.
I liked what I heard because it reinforced what I believe and teach in my programs. So looking forward to hearing more podcasts, and it sure breaks up the long miles on the road.


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