Do People Like Your Photos

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Uncategorized


Some singer from back in day, it might have been Sammy Davis Jr, sang a song I think called, “I Gotta Be Me” and when I create my art it has to be me. Doesn’t matter what type or form of artist you are, it has to be you.
Just because you create art that is you, and you like it, doesn’t mean everyone else will like it.
With any artists there are critics who will not care for the subject matter, style, or look of what an artist creates.
That’s gonna happen so we have to know and understand that part of exposing our art to the world.
Lets say we are doing our thing and people are not accepting what we create, do we keep going forward and say I don’t care if people don’t like my art, or do we change what we do to be accepted.
I guess it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are running a photography business then you have to somewhat cater to your customers and sell them what they want.
But if you are just having fun and your photography is a hobby, then maybe you don’t really care what anyone thinks of your art.
I think most artist want their work to be accepted and appreciated, that is part of why we share our art, and some just share it for fun and do not worried if they get pats on the back, or tons of “likes” on facebook, Google+, Flickr, 500px, or what ever social media you use to share your art.
I’ve been fortunate that most people like what I create with my macro photography. So I’ve continued on doing what I do.
But if what I created wasn’t getting good reactions or positive responses, I would have to examine what I was doing that people didn’t like about my art.
If my art was not being accepted, is it because of the subject matter, the way I composed it, the processing techniques. I would want to know what it is that is not working.
Many people that don’t receive those good responses for their art will study from other artists that have had success and try and emulate what that artist has done, or take workshops to learn better techniques.
We do this to help make ourselves better at our craft so our images are accepted by the other photographers.
But if we are just copying other artist because they are successful, we may be producing nice images, but we are not really creating our own art, we are more like painting by numbers.
Your work will never be original if you copy other artists styles that have already been created.
We all copy other artists work to some degree. But at some point you need to work to find your own direction and hopefully find your own style that is accepted.
So it’s easy to say that your art has to be you, but what if what you create is not accepted by the community, how do you feel about that, and do you keep going on, or just give up and move on to some other hobby.
If you say I don’t care what people think of my art, then don’t show anyone your art if you don’t care. I think everyone cares what people think, it’s natural for an artist to want people to like what they produce. That’s why we share our art, because we what people to appreciate what we have created.

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  1. You are so right Mike ….. Thank you for your insights, Eileen

  2. Linda Brooks says:

    Well said…yes if you are hired to do a photo shoot for someone their opinion matters most and a good photographer will often offer suggestions for shots the client may not have thought of. I personally like what you do. I study other artists but try to figure out what it is in a certain photo that draws me to it. I am fortunate that God gave me a good “eye” to see the shots I want to take. Not all turn out the way I like but I use them as stepping stones to improvement. And I’m not sure there is a photographer alive that isn’t humbled when someone falls in love with one of their photos. One of the best compliments I got was on a photo of a country dirt road winding through the fall trees. The comment was “I wish I was walking on that road with my wife and dogs, not saying a word.” The viewer FELT contentment and peace, I had accomplished what I set out to do, stir an emotion in the viewer. We all like positive reinforcement that pushes us onward.. I read where someone had criticized you for not actually posting Macro photos….but loved your answer of Up Close photography. A rose by any other name is still a Rose! Keep up the good work and keep sharing with us…I learn something each day.

  3. Sandi says:

    Well stated. There is a book entitled, No More Second Hand Art. It speaks to your question by having us think about our vision and how it can be squelched if the “art critic” gives it a thumbs down…then as the artist we attempt to create art that will be accepted and sell, loosing the pathos

  4. David Malone says:

    Great post and thinking!!! >

  5. Bekah says:

    Very true Mike! Art is subjective, no one piece of art is ever going to be loved by everyone. Some will absolutely love it, some will shrug it off and not feel strongly at all, and some will hate your work.

    Personally I believe that there is an audience for everything. If you love the work you create and you find that many people don’t love it, go find other people to show it to!

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