Shooting the Dead Stuff

Posted: November 7, 2015 in Uncategorized
On a cool fall morning I decided to go out and spend a couple hours shooting and take advantage of the low wind conditions which are rare in my area.  Not a lot to shoot in terms of fresh live subjects in early November. so I looked for a few of the dead to near dead plant life.  I use my Tamron 16-300 lens for 90 percent of my macro images, but on this day the Tamron 90mm macro was the better choice because it has the ability to blur and soften the backgrounds better than the 16-300 does.
These are two Foxtails that are positioned nicely within this group of dead heads from Black Eyed Susan flower.



Here is a different composition with a single Foxtail.



Here are two different plants that I don’t know the names of, but again are far past their prime of life.



A single seed from a Milkweed get caught in these dead Knapweed heads.
Lastly some dead grass seedheads lying on a tree trunk that fell to a chainsaw.


So the life cycle of the plants offers us more opportunity to create nice images even as the plants die off.  So don’t put your equipment away because the plants and flowers in your area have died off, just find a way to capture them in a artistic manner. Now get out an make images.


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  1. I love your images, specially the last one with the tree trunk as backdrop, thanks for sharing your work and thoughts!

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