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Posted: October 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

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  1. Les Griffin says:

    Mike, you are so right. I find if I have to explain why I took a particular photograph when it is obvious that the viewer is not seeing what I see in the photograph ie; the shapes, the colour and tones, the art – so frustrating at times.

  2. Rick Berger says:

    Yeah Mike, we all go through this. It’s worse when the shot is in a camera club competition and the judge gives the image a low score because he or she just doesn’t get it. There’ll always be those who say, “Andy Warhol just did a painting of a soup can…who cares?”

  3. Liz Lawlor says:

    love ’em…your work is terrific …Liz

  4. Elizabeth P Lawlor says:

    love your work….keep ’em commin’ Liz

  5. Gina McCole says:

    I can relate to your thought process! A lot of times I find myself having to explain why I took a particular image and that often helps the viewer understand. Macro isn’t always a flashy form of photography, sometimes its sort of quiet and contemplative.

  6. Mike, I care! Love that shot.

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