If You’re Gonna Make A Check List, Then Check It!!

Posted: October 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

If you are gonna make a check list, then check it before you go out.

I teach this every time I do a Macro Boot Camp. You should have a macro reminder list that you can review before you head off for a shoot, so that when you show up you haven’t forget some important piece of equipment.

The other day I drive out to one of the local parks to shoot, and realized I forgot my L-bracket for my camera. I recharged the battery and took off the L-bracket and forgot to put it back on before heading out. Now I can’t mount the camera on the tripod without the L-bracket, and I can’t hand hold a shot to save my life, so no shooting this time.

This is not the first time I’ve forgot to check my reminder list, I’ve got to a shoot and forgot SD cards, and once forgot the tripod.

So I don’t practice what I preach very well.

To avoid looking like this,
please check your macro reminder list.


  1. Jim Bretz says:

    You are so correct, Mike. And we’ve all done it as we pursue our passion of photography. And darn it, that list changes (or grows) with seasonal temperature changes or in the distance we travel. It pays to remember our Scouting motto. Be Prepared!

  2. pamela stallings says:

    I am so glad I am not alone. So sad. Once I forgot my camera, thinking it was in the bag.

  3. Elizabeth P Lawlor says:

    many thanks!!!..Yea, it’s ok for me to forget as long as I don’t do it too often…agsin, thanks for your sharing Liz

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