Exploring The Close-Up World Outside Of Nature

Posted: October 18, 2015 in Uncategorized


Most of my life I have pursued different kinds of activities in the outdoors, and nature photography has been one of those activities that has provided many hours of fun outdoors. Nature photography has also given me great memories of those days in the field through the images I’ve captured.
As I search many of the online photo sites viewing the great photography, I occasionally run across some interesting close-up images that are not in nature. My passion in photography has always been in the close-up/macro world, and has mainly been about nature. But in the last couple years I have been exploring many of the interesting subjects not in nature.
Just as in the macro world in nature, there are tons of interesting subjects that are very artistic to explore outside of nature, and the journey to finding these new subjects is always the fun part.
Abstracts in nature have always been my favorite images, so I am now searching for new abstracts outside of nature. Here are a few from my growing collection of non nature images. Check out many more of my non nature close ups at my website, http://www.tinylandscapes.com








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  1. abower says:

    Outstanding, as always. I especially love the buttons.

  2. bbonnieg says:

    Nu, please send me my ebook link. Invoice Monday Oct 12 0000006474. Your presentation was great. Tried that at home and it WORKED! >

  3. Taerie Kelly says:

    Lovely photos on your website!!!! I was wondering how you manage to find such perfect autumn leaves? The ones I find always seem damaged in some way with knots or black spots.

    • Mike Moats says:

      Taerie, just have to look at a lot of leaves to find the good ones, and some years the leaves are better than others. Thanks.

  4. David Malone says:

    Hi Mike

    I love all of your work

    Do your ever see yourself coming to California?




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