Shoot it and Eat It

Posted: October 8, 2015 in Uncategorized


This is another one of those ideas that I can’t take credit for but just the messenger for this one. I was presenting a photo shoot at the NECCC Photo conference and one of the ladies helping out brought in a red cabbage split in half. I was impressed by the design of the inside of the cabbage, and thought when I get home; I’m going to get my own a cabbage to shoot. Great thing is after you shoot it, you get to eat it.
The red cabbage has the nice purple colored lines creating some nice artistic designs for abstract macro work.
1) Cut the cabbage in half
2) Lay them on a table
3) Set up the front of the lens parallel to the flat area your shooting
4) Set the f/stop at f/8 to f/11.


Here is the first result.


Don’t shoot the straight lines, find patterns and more interesting designs.


This has some nice design but the large white area messes it up, watch out for this kinda stuff.


The problem I have with the cabbage is the white areas are more prominent then the colorful lines.
So I went into Nik Softwares Color Efex Pro 4 and used the Solarization Filter which turn the white areas to black which for what ever reason seems to work better for me. Maybe you like the white better.

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  1. David Alexander says:

    Man your up early, are you shooting the milky way?

  2. Elizabeth P Lawlor says:

    many thanks, Mike Liz

  3. gspeakpei says:

    I like the Color Efex versions. Now off to the store for some cabbage ;o)

  4. Lisa Guerriero says:

    What about cutting the cabbage horizontal to the root end rather than vertical (as seen in your picture)? That might help minimize the white center.

  5. Mary Jane Bohlen says:

    Hi Mike,

    I am taking your workshop this weekend. Is there a list of things we need to bring? Thanks.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

    Mary Jane Bohlen >

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