What Do You Feed Your Camera

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
This sounds funny and you are thinking what is Mike talking about, you don’t feed food to your camera. Maybe not food, but we do feed images through the lens into the camera, so we are feeding our camera. If you are feeding your camera with good subject matter that people can connect with, have composed properly, focused, set the right exposure, then your camera will take care of the rest.




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  1. Winfred Knapp says:

    Nice thought. Thanks Mike!


    iphone: 858/945-6636 email: wynknapp@me.com

    Wyn Knapp, Photographer 1401 East Washington Street Bloomington IL 61701


  2. Rich Doerr says:

    Our camera’s lens is the window to our soul! I think Shakespeare said it first.

  3. carmenza vargas says:

    Hello Mike Very nice image Can you share how did you edited, did you use Nik software? what filters? Thank you Carmenza >

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