Sale on Topaz new updated ReMask5, $20 off

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dear Mke,

We’ve got news for you! On Tuesday, August 25th we’ll be releasing Topaz ReMask 5, an updated version of our masking software, complete with new features. As always, our update is free to anyone who already owns ReMask. And for those who don’t own it, ReMask 5 will be on sale ($20 off) from August 25th – September 18th. Please share the coupon code “GetReMask5” with your followers so they can take advantage of the discounted price of $49.99 (regularly $69.99).

You can link directly to the ReMask product page with this URL:

ReMask is designed on one simple idea: To create the best quality mask with minimal input. By using ReMask’s simple 3-color tri-map technology, users have the power to quickly and easily extract even the toughest elements — hair, foliage, and transparent materials — in their photos. The new updates to ReMask 5 make it the most powerful masking software on the market. The two biggest additions are standalone capabilities and background replacement tools.

ReMask 5 works as a standalone program now, in addition to being a plugin. This means no host program is required and Lightroom integration is available. ReMask 5 also allows you to replace and edit the background of your masked image without leaving the program. Choose from transparent, solid color, or image backgrounds.

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