Waiting for a Better Background

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Uncategorized
If you like chasing dragonflies in the fields, it takes a lot of patience to find the subject on the right perch with a nice clean background. Sometimes a dragonfly will like a certain perch and keep coming back to land there. If you find that special perch than you can set up your tripod and camera and wait for it to return.
I was using the Tamron 18-270 lens. With the lens set in the 270mm range, it allowed me more working distance between me and the subject so the dragonfly wasn’t spooked as easily. I set my f/stop at f/5.6 to help blur out the background.
On this overcast day I followed this little guy around the field waiting for it to land on a perch that would allow me a camera angle with the least distracting background so the dragonfly would standout.
This was the first perch I found the subject on. The background was a bit close causing my image to look cluttered. So I will follow it until I have a better background.


So it moves to another plant and I shoot again. This time I have a seedhead and stems in the frame, so not good.


I keep following and finally it gives me something to work with. Now with the clutter a good distance away I can get the nice solid blurred background and nothing competing for attention except my D-fly.

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  1. pathdoc70 says:

    Mike, Lovelyl shots of the adult Widow Skimmer female. I have often followed them around my field for photos too. They like to perch on tall stems of grasses etc. You are spot on about working to get clean backgrounds.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes,
    Mike O’Brien

  2. Rick Berger says:

    Great job Mike! By having patience and waiting, you avoided tedious cloning on the computer to get rid of the extraneous stuff.

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