Stump Art

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
A few years ago I found this old downed tree trunk, and it had this hole with a very cool design in the wood around the opening. I thought it was really cool looking, but on it’s own I didn’t think it had enough going on to photograph by itself. I came up with the idea of turning the hole into a natural flower vase, and inserted these Marsh Marigolds and called it, Stump Art.


After that first stump shot, I was on the look out for any stumps or downed tree trunks that I ran across that had holes that I could add flowers too. Here is another cool opening I found that worked well with these nice Orange Star flowers I picked up at a flower shop.


I used the same hole from the last photo and placed these small white flower and made it a horizontal.


So keep your eyes peeled for old tree trunks with holes to create your own Stump Art.


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  1. Bart says:

    Very creative!

  2. Lovely pics. I did a similar thing a few years back, except my ‘stumps’ were pieces of gnarled wood that I’d kept from my flower arranging days. I still have them, so I will seek them out and have a fresh go! Thanks for the inspiration Mike …. Eileen

  3. Elizabeth P Lawlor says:

    well done!!!….many thanks for some new thoughts Liz

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