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Posted: August 15, 2015 in Uncategorized
I’ve always loved the Nik Software and Topaz programs for creative post processing of my images, and would never want to give them up, but this new program I found a few months ago has now become my go to for creative post processing.  It’s called Smart Photo Editor and if you buy it as a stand alone it’s only $59.  It also comes as a plugin to photoshop for $99.  I got lucky and caught the stand alone version on sale at $29, and maybe you can still get it at that price.  Anyways it has over 6,000 different filters and growing, and other features.  I have no affiliate with the company, but I would say if I could only keep one creative post processing program, this is the one I would want to keep.
Out of the camera, which looks really blah.


Here is the creative processing with Smart Photo Editor.  The program has great filters to add sharpness to soft images, and the different looks you can give an image is endless.  This is obviously not a look for everyone, but I tend to like this creative feel when I have an image that’s pretty bland and out of focus like this shot.


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  1. Rick Danielson says:

    This is a off shore company. If you try to purchase your credit card company may shut your account down. Also I got the plug in version, big mistake. Photoshop stopped opening. I had to move the plug in folder to my desktop. No help from smart photo editor, all they wanted me todo was uninstall and reinstall, did not help. If you buy this do not get the photoshop plug in.

    • Mike Moats says:

      Hey Rick, sorry you had issues, I have the stand alone program, and when I bought it I didn’t even know they had a photoshop plug in version, but even if I did I probably would have still went with the stand alone, so it would not have any issues with photoshop. Not sure why you had problems with your credit card issue, and this is the first I have heard of anyone having an issue with the credit card, so could be something up with your credit card company and not the fault of Smart Photo Editor, but I’m just throwing a guess out there. I know I’ve had issues with people emailing me saying my e-books won’t download after they made a purchase, and that I have an issue, when we eventually discover that it was an issue on the end of the person trying to download it and not my issue. As far as the issue you are having with photoshop and the plugin, it’s hard to tell what could be the problem, but again I have not had anyone that has purchased the plugin tell me that this has been a problem. I do know that with all companies including Nik and Topaz, I do have people contact me with their issues they are having and also have problem with support help, and asking if I can help connect them to someone that can help. So it does happen with all these software companies. Not that this will cure your problem or help you, or make you feel better about your experience, but just wanted to say that all companies have issues, and this being newer, they will have glitches that they will have to deal with, and hopefully they do it right.

  2. Jeff B says:

    Just looking it over a little, the price is currently $29.95 for the stand alone and $49.95 for the Plug in version and also works with Elements and as a stand alone. May have to give it a try.

    • Mike Moats says:

      Jeff, I have the stand alone program, as I wouldn’t want the plugin in case something happens to photoshop or I upgrade to a newer version of elements and have to move it to that new version which I have no idea on how to do that. It’s cheaper for one thing, and also if you read Rick’s post, he was having issue with the plugin.

  3. Gina McCole says:

    Mike, as of today you can still get the $29 version of this software in the standalone version when you go directly to their website ( I used my paypal account and didn’t have any issues with payment. Just did a brief tour of all the options and it looks like this program is incredibly full-featured and easy to use. My kind of software!

    • Mike Moats says:

      Gina, I found it to be an amazing amount of options for creative post processing. Way more option then Nik or Topaz and they are all in one place rather than having multiple programs as with Nik and Topaz. The other thing is that the people that are using the programs are submitting their own version of filters and it keeps growing all the time.

  4. John E Stuhlmuller says:


    I found a coupon code online that works for either the stand alone or photoshop plug-in version. The code is HG2378.



  5. Steve says:

    Hi Mike – it’s $29.99 right now on the company website for a limited time.

  6. john4jack says:

    OK. Well I went with the Photoshop version because I like to use plug-in’s results as Layers. I like to work on a file, often using a variety plug-ins, filters, etc. I especially like being able to work further on a layer after I have finished working in a plug-in. This plug-in has huge potential; e.g., I know of no plug-ins that offer as many Borders as does Smart Photo Editor. I have had no problems with the plug-in or with my credit card which I used. (To test this, I opened and closed PSCC 2015 several times.)

  7. Jean says:

    I’ve not had a problem with the CC plug in with what I have done so far.

    Thanks for sharing this Mike!

  8. Rich Doerr says:

    Mike, I bought it and haven’t had a problem at all. I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium and I love the variety of options.

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