Fall Macro Workshops

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
Learn To Create Macro Images That Don’t Suck

For years I’ve taught my Macro Boot Camps to thousands of photographers and now I have a new workshop.

I’m excited to offer this brand new macro workshop that is designed to teach you how to create fine art macro images rather than snapshots that just document a subject.

There is a big difference between shooting snapshots and creating something worthy of hanging on the walls of your home. You will receive in-depth learning about the subjects that work best for fine art photography, and how to compose the subjects properly.

Once you learn how to create a fine art macro image, I will teach you how to take it to the next level through post processing options in Photoshop, Nik Software, Topaz, and Smart Photo Editor.

I see so many images posted on the internet that have nice subjects, are composed well, but don’t have the finishing touch of post processing. It’s a big part of digital photography that is as important as the art of capturing an image with the camera.

I’ve had so many photographers ask when I’m going to teach a workshop on the creative side of post processing and here it is. You’ll see the whole process from capturing the subject in the field to the artistic processing that takes place in the digital darkroom.

There will be a few tips on equipment, but this workshop will be mainly about image making and creative processing. You will bring your camera, lens, and tripod as I will have set ups to shoot in the classroom.

Locations for this new workshop
Cost only $159
La Quinta Inn, Minnetonka, Minnesota, Sept 19,20
Comfort Inn, Farmington Hills, Michigan. Oct 17,18
Comfort Inn, Middleburg Heights,Ohio Oct 3, Nov 1
Fairfield Inn, Mooresville,North Carolina Dec 5,6 (SOLD OUT)
Sign up at http://www.macrostoreonline.com

Topaz Restyle - Seascapes - Lighthouse Pop 600

  1. Sharon Johnson says:

    I Would definitely go if it was closer. Love your work Mike Moats and found you to be a very good instructor also. I will definitely attend another one of your classes

  2. Frances Kuelz says:

    Hi Mike with this class will we be working with ring lights and the LED lights. I just bought mine an really want to use them. I got the nissin mf18. I feel these would add that artistic look.

  3. Mike Moats says:

    Frances, the only mention of lighting will be with an LED light using it handheld.

  4. Julie Stroud says:

    What workshop is the closest to northwest Arkansas???

    • Mike Moats says:

      Julie, once I have it set up, hopefully in the next few weeks, looks like the one that will be in Atlanta, GA. Trying to set it up for February 2016. It will be the two day workshop, Fine Art Macro – From Capture to Creative Post Processing.

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