Only Two Spots Left for the Macro Photo Conference

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Macro Photo Conference 2015

Sponsored by Tamron and Hunt’s Photo


Where: Ramada Hotel, Seekonk, MA, near Providence,RI.
Dates: October 10th and 11th.
Cost only $199
Bring your camera, macro lens, and tripod for some hands on shooting.
8 excellent speakers.


Kathleen Clemons will be presenting “The Art of Selective Focus”. You’ll learn best practices for using selective focus to produce artistic, one of a kind photos. Kathleen will give you a stronger understanding of depth of field, and how you can use it to make stronger macro photographs that capture your personal vision of your subjects.
Charles Needle will be presenting “Creative Macro Photography: How to Take Your Close-ups Beyond the Documentary.” In this session, award-winning macro photographer and best-selling author, Charles Needle will teach you how to create unusual and striking artistic close-up images both in the field and in your own backyard and/or home studio. Using examples from his own backyard “home studio” and macro workshops, Charles will guide you through all the necessary steps to take your macro photography to the next level, covering topics such as equipment/accessories, selective-focus macro, “shooting through” with a telephoto lens, close-up lenses/diopters, wide-angle macro, water-droplet macro, and using “props,” such as iridescent glass, mylar, and everyday household objects. Charles will also reveal secrets he has learned from his 15+ years of shooting and teaching close-up photography.
John Barclay will be presenting “Crafting your images with Lightroom and plug-ins” John will cover the basics of processing RAW images in Lightroom covering the basic panel, lens correction and capture sharpening. John will then introduce you to “plug-ins” from Perfectly Clear, Topaz and Alien Skin. These plug-ins can be used to craft your images to be what you envisioned in the field.
Clay Bolt will be presenting “Lessons from the Forest Floor” No matter where you live, one thing is for certain: just beyond the reach of your gaze is an incredible world of amazing plants and animals living intricately intertwined, beautifully complex lives. We often travel far and wide in search of exotic wildlife when all that has ever been required of us is a willingness to simply slow down and take a closer look. From wasps that turn pitcher plants into cradles for their young to treehopper herding ants, layer upon layer of biological wonder awaits our discovery. Macro Photography is the perfect medium for taking the viewer into this secret world.
Lessons from the Forest Floor guides audience members along a path into this miniature world and teaches them how to explore their surroundings with fresh eyes. Along the way, we’ll also take a philosophical look at ourselves and learn more about what we can do to encourage others to get to know their own local wild places a little better. Filled with beautiful photographs and light-hearted stories about nature, this talk is great for naturalists and photographers of all levels.
Mike Moats will be presenting “The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer.” Mike covers all the tools for macro photography and explains in simple terms, how depth of field and f/stops work to achieve the best results.
Mollie Isaacs will be presenting Master Creative Macro The Simply Way Love macro? Love flowers? Want to be more creative? Then this is the workshop for you. Learn Mollie’s unique approaches to creating artistic macro images of flowers. You will learn the technical skills, plus the creative skills, to raise your photography to a much higher level. Find out how to tap into your artistic soul. In addition, you will learn the secrets of setting yourself free by not being tethered to your tripod. This unique approach will enable you to feel an amazing sense of freedom, and will allow you to create beautiful world-class images. Learn compositional techniques for creating strong and artistic macro images. This is macro like you have never done before!
Lisa Cuchara will be presenting “Frogs and Working with Light Tents” Lisa and Tom Cuchara will have their exotic frogs for everyone to photograph.
Jillian Bell will be presenting “Tamron Lenses” Jillian is a Tamron tech rep and will cover the different Tamron macro lenses, zoom macro lenses, and answer any questions about lenses.
You will have four hours of hands on shooting in the conference room and we will have the eight speakers plus five more instructors to help you with shooting.
Hunt’s photo will be set up to sell products, and Tamron will have lenses for you to try out.
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  1. Jeff B. says:

    Great set of speakers and topics to be covered. I attended last year’s great conference and the frogs were a lot of fun.

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