How To Improve Your Photography

Posted: July 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
I asked a lady in one of my workshops how many times a month was she able to get out and shoot.
Her answer was,
About once a month.
How are you going to progress shooting twelve times in a year.
If you are really interested in becoming a better photographer, you need to get out at least once a week. I say at least once a week, but more is better, and if you can’t get out to shoot, shoot something inside for practice.
When I started I shot three and four times a week, and that is what help me grow so quickly as a macro photographer.
The difference from a macro photographer with a huge portfolio of great images and one who has a small portfolio of great images is time spent in the field shooting.
It’s as simple as that, the more time spent shooting, the better you get, and the bigger your portfolio of good quality images.
If you look at anyone who is successful at what they do, it came through many, many, hours of practice.
Taking one of my workshops would sure help you as well. 🙂
Now get out and shoot!!


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  1. My camera never gets “put away”. I’m always clicking that shutter macro or not. It’s rare though that I’m not shooting a macro. I struggle with sharpness more than anything. I use a tripod when I can, but tripods aren’t always my friend. I’m addicted and can’t stop :).

  2. Debbie Bice says:

    The key is just not to shoot but really look at what you have captured and critique it boldly and then determine how to improve.

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