Soft Focus Flower Photos

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Uncategorized
Sometimes I’m in the mood to produce some soft focus flower images. Some of my favorite flower photos are done with a soft focus. Unfortunately they were not good sellers when I was in the art show business. Most buyers didn’t understand why the image was not all in focus, and it hurt sales. Even my art consultants that purchased images for the health art industry have never bought any of my soft focus flowers, they tend to buy the everything in focus images.
I still like to shoot them for my viewing and also to show all my photog friends who understand shallow depth of field and the artistic merit of these images.
Easy to do, just move the camera in really close, focus on someplace in the foreground, and shoot at the smallest number f/stop. The shallow depth of field will give this soft look to most of the subject behind the point of focus.

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  1. Dan Beaudet says:

    Deliberate composition resulting in beautiful images. You keep reminding me through your posts to work on composition-my greatest failing, (well, my wife could add some more). Too often I’m so jacked about capturing an image that I don’t take time to figure out what I really want to “see”. Thanks!

    • I have been the same as Dan up there. I just get so excited about capturing a particular subject that I would forget the composition. However, I noticed my issue and am trying very hard to make composition and background the first thing I look at when setting up a shot. I love the soft focus flowers and I don’t find many people in my life that get it. Thanks for your guidance and your confirmation that my artistic shots are still worth shooting.

  2. Mike roberge says:

    I agree soft is really nice. I do allot of soft shots and no one has really liked it. You and I must be misunderstood.

  3. ddrobney says:

    Love these soft focus shots…since receiving the LensBaby Velvet 56 for my birthday in May, I’ve been doing so many to get past the learning curve with that lens! Now, I’ll need to try it with my ‘regular’ lenses to see what I get. 🙂

  4. I’ve always loved the soft focus. These are gorgeous.

  5. alicia vasquez says:

    you have simply not found yr niche market! these are gorgeous! have u tried finartamerica, society 6 or etsy?

    • Mike Moats says:

      Alicia, when I attended the art shows I averaged 25 shows a year with the estimated attendance for those shows at 2 million people. I did it for seven years, and sold and talked to many, many thousands of people, so this was a very good focus group study to learn what works and doesn’t work. I have not found anyone that is selling photography online anywhere that is generating many dollars. I have sold well through GreatBigCanvas.Com, but they do tons of advertising and only show a limited amount of photographers unlike the other site that have every photographer with a camera trying to sell images. Thanks for comment. Yes I tried Etsy and sold 0 in one year, so took down my images, and same for Fine Art America, sold nothing so took the images down.

  6. Anita Bower says:

    Mike: I love your soft focus flowers.
    I was trying to find the blog post where you write about the current Tamron zoom lens you are using, but couldn’t find it. Can you tell me? Thanks.

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