Have a reminder list

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
There are many things that we have to remember every time we go out to shoot, whether it be camera functions, composition, subjects, etc. Type up a list of reminders and each time you go out to shoot, read the reminders to refresh your memory. Type it in a small size, trim the paper down to a compact size, have it laminated, and place it in your pack. Here are a few suggestions for your reminder list.
Check ISO before each shot
Check White Balance before each shot
Full depth of field – larger the F/stop number, larger the amount of focus
Shallow depth of field – smaller the F/stop number, smaller the amount of focus
View your subject from all angles for the least distracting background
Look for subjects with interesting textures, contrast, lines
Use rule of thirds
Use a diffuser to cut down on harsh light
Use a reflector to add light in dark areas
You will probably have some of your own reminders to add to the list.

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