Diversify Your Macro Portfolio – Part 6 – Lensbaby

Posted: June 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

For the last five days I have mentioned the article I wrote for Outdoor Photographer magazine a few years ago, and for those who would like to read the article Click Here

Today is day six, and the final day of Diversify Your Macro Portfolio, and it covers Lensbaby.

On days when I want to have some fun and be especially creative, I go to my Lensbaby Composer. The Composer is Lensbaby’s latest generation of its specialty lens aimed at the photographer with artistic vision. The Composer has a ball-and-socket design that allows you to tilt and angle the lens in any direction until you achieve a desired effect; then just dial in the focusing ring. It has a small sweet spot of focus, with a soft feel of motion blurring throughout the rest of the image. I also like the Lensbaby Macro Kit, with its screw-on filters, which lets you focus on a very small scale. It features a +10 filter and a +4 filter, allowing you to focus from 2 to 13 inches.


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