Diversify Your Macro Portfolio – Part 4 – Back Lighting

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
I wrote an article for Outdoor Photographer magazine few years ago called “Diversify Your Macro Portfolio”. It talked about varying the different styles that are available in macro. Over six days I explore those various styles, and today is part four, Back Lighting.
When it comes to lighting, you can’t beat an overcast day for beautiful soft lighting and color saturation. When I’m shooting with bright sunlight, I carry a 12-inch collapsible diffuser to shade the subject. This gives me a nice even light and takes away any harsh sunlight and distracting shadows. There are times when the sunlight is our friend by creating back lighting.
With the sunlight shining on the backside of the subject, it highlights the outer edges, causing it to glow.

This Flower is backlit by the early morning sun creating the nice highlights

Back lighting on Leaves

_DSC5722 500


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