Image Poll

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
Click add comment on which image you like best between these two feather images.
Image One


Image Two

Gorge 561

  1. Kendell says:

    No contest: the 2nd image.

  2. Cosmas Liu says:

    Number 2

  3. Maryann says:

    Image 2 because it’s much more dynamic. #1 in ho-hum.

  4. Beth Bass says:

    2. Hands down

  5. Priscilla Farrell says:

    #2 is more dramatic, the composition is interesting; like the diagonal line, the color is better; more saturation and the feather fills the frame.

  6. Don Baird says:

    I vote for #2. I think it has a lot more character.

  7. Owen milks says:

    Number 2

  8. Darius Chelstowski says:


  9. Keith says:

    I like the form of 2 and the contrast of 1 so I experimented applying a layer mask to the feather in #2 and used NIK High Key filter to get more contrast between the feather and sand.

  10. Mary Mehl says:

    Image 2 is much more appealing. The curves of the feather draw you into the image.

  11. Phyllis Meinke says:

    I like the second image better – it’s more interesting because the feather looks like it’s been around the block and the colors are more vibrant.

  12. Mike Klewer says:

    Absolutely the second image.

  13. Russ Hunt says:


  14. Donna Shields says:

    # 2 Photo is more interesting and dramatic with better color combinations.

  15. Linda Treleaven says:

    Image Two

    • Theresa says:

      I like image two the best. Seems more natural to me and appears to be more dramatic. The first feather image is too transparent for my taste.

  16. Ellen Stevens says:

    Love the feeling of depth in the second one. Feels more like art. The first one is a feather in the sand period. The second one makes me wonder how long in water, the bird, etc.

  17. Vickie says:

    I would like #1 if it were flipped. #2 is very interesting but I’d like to see it as a vertical.

  18. Dan says:

    Definitely #2!

  19. LMP says:

    Image 2

  20. ron morse says:

    # 2 is more artistic

  21. Trudy says:

    #2 has a lot more detail and is more interesting. I especially like the sand on the feather in it.

  22. walt polley says:

    I like the concept of #2, but not particularly the off-color post processing

  23. Mike Di Stefano says:

    Image 2 is much more interesting, creatively and technically. Image 1 is static and a bit boring.

  24. Steve says:

    Image 2 Mike

  25. Ruth Duffield says:

    Image 2

  26. Dennis says:

    Image 2

  27. Gregory Nix says:

    I like the first one better “defines a feather,but maybe with a closer offset crop it could be a better photo, that being said I just showed this to a friend that is visiting and he immediately said image two! Goes to show “birds of a different feather.”

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  28. Beth Kazda says:

    Image 2: The grit and color of the sand really show off the swirling lines of the feather!

  29. Pat says:

    #2 is much more interesting.

  30. Rick Danielson says:

    Image 2.

  31. Liz Lawlor says:

    Number 2…the natural color, position of the feather and and texture all add to give the beautiful picture.

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