Mossy Cottonwood

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

The moss in this image was found in a swampy wooded area, and is something I’ve only seen one time in my forty some odd years traveling through the wilderness. I was shocked to see an area of about a thirty foot circle of this florescent green color that just glowed. There were cottonwood leaves scattered all over, and the moss was starting to grow on top of the leaves. I returned to this spot the next year hoping to shoot it again, and it wasn’t there. It may take a certain type of condition for this to appear. I can’t tell you what type of moss it was, but it goes to show if you cover enough ground and spend a lot of time in the field, you to will eventually run into these interesting subjects. I wanted every part of the image in focus, so I stopped down to f/32. I positioned the main part of the leaf in the upper thirds and the stem on a diagonal.


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