Fall Locations for My New Workshop

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Uncategorized


Learn To Create Macro Images That Don’t Suck
Because of the large amount of subject matter I have to cover with limited time in the macro boot camps, I’m never able to really get very deep into the subject of image making. We do a two hour shoot on Saturday and everyone is pretty much on their own to compose and shoot lots of subjects. On Sunday morning when I ask them how they did on the two hour shoot, I see the disappointment in their faces when they tell me they got maybe one good image, and many say they didn’t like any of their images. One lady I asked how she did on the shoot, she said “my images all sucked” and thus the name of the workshop. This new workshop is designed to help improve your percentage of successful images and make the experience with photography more fun and successful. Most are pretty good with their equipment, but not so with their image making.

Have you noticed how some photographers create one great image after another? What do they know that all the other photographers don’t? This is a different kind of workshop that is designed to teach you all about how to make successful images. See how images are captured from the start in the field, and then taken right through the all-important post processing steps. We will analyze all the aspects of why images work and don’t work, and lots of post processing. Learn about what filters in Nik Software and Topaz works best with textures, contrast, light, and lines in images. This workshops is for those who have attended my Macro Boot Camps, or anyone who is experienced with their camera and in need of help taking their image making to another level. Bring your camera, macro lens, and tripod, as you will have some shooting assignments in the classroom.

Locations for this new workshop
Cost only $159
La Quinta Inn, Minnetonka, Minnesota, Sept 19,20
Comfort Inn, Farmington Hills, Michigan. Oct 17,18
Comfort Inn, Middleburg Heights,Ohio  Oct 3, Nov 1
Fairfield Inn, Mooresville,North Carolina Dec 5,6
Sign up at http://www.macrostoreonline.com

Topaz Restyle - Seascapes - Lighthouse Pop 600

  1. Comcast says:

    Mike: I am on the road in North Africa without great internet. What’s the closet to Seattle …macro class you’re offering before year’s end or early 2016. Thanks Emily

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. rona simmons says:

    Please please bring this to the Atlanta area!

  3. Bettie Towner says:

    What happened to the Macro Boot Camp that was to be in Kennewick, WA?

  4. Mike Moats says:

    Had to cancel Bettie. Not enough signed up.

    • Bettie Towner says:

      I’m so sorry. I was planning to sign up and was so happy that it was actually in mid-state and not on the west side. Drat! Thank you anyway for trying to set one up. It meant a lot.

  5. Bettie Towner says:

    Can’t resist…speaking of things that ‘suck’.

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