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Posted: April 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
Please tell me which image you like best.
Number 1


Number 2


Number 3


Number 4



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  1. Emma - Glorious Gardens says:

    Image number 1 I think is the best.

  2. pathdoc70 says:

    #3 is my choice.

    Sent from my iPhone 5s


  3. Dianna says:

    #4 …because it has a feel of sensuality And mystery.
    Love all four for different reasons.

  4. Jane Martin says:

    Number 1!


  5. Howard Grill says:

    All great but I like #4 the best!

  6. Winfred Knapp says:

    2 Wyn…

    iphone: 858/945-6636 email:

    Wyn Knapp, Photographer 1401 East Washington Street Bloomington IL 61701


  7. Roz says:

    Number 4 beautiful lines and simplicity

  8. Shannon says:

    2! There’s just something about the lines and shading!

  9. Claire Waring says:

    Number 4.


  10. Donnie says:

    2, 1, 4, 3 in that order. 4 might move up a spot if flipped horizontally. 2 and 1 are close.

  11. frankrk108 says:

    Number 4

  12. Carlos & Nancy Hadaway says:

    Number 2.

  13. Stephen Richards says:

    Number 1

  14. Rosemary jardine says:

    Image 4 hands down and thumbs up! I find this fascinating, In my opinion the composition is strong as well as the tonal value. I can image this hanging in a Art Studio. Nice work on all four but especially #4

  15. Debra Boucher says:

    Number 3

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. Mary Chris Hines says:

    I like number one the best! The shapes are very interesting, the colors lovely!

    Mary Chris

  17. Number 3. It has the most life to it. My second choice would be number 2.

  18. Vicki Webb says:

    toss up between 2 and 4!!

  19. Patty Colabuono says:

    Love Number 2!

  20. Sharlene Holliday says:

    Number 3

    Sent from my iPhone


  21. Karen Meadows says:


  22. Mike Klewer says:

    Number 2. I love the angle and the shapes of the leaves. They remind me of birds. I like the slightly darker processing of image 1 a little more, but 2 is still my overall favorite.

  23. Joanne Wuori says:

    Number 4! Delicate form and muted backround.

  24. Eduard M says:

    Number 2, love the way the leafs are hugging some imaginary precious inside.

  25. Mary Mehl says:

    Number 4…it is not over-processed. I like that the leaf that is the focal point also looks like the profile of a bird. It makes you stop and really look into the image.

  26. Roger Marquette says:

    Number 1

  27. gerald diamond says:

    Overall, they strike me as very Edward Weston. While they are all nicely done, the fourth one is the only one that really appeals to me. While it is still a picture of the plant, it reveals an easily overlooked aspect – the leaf in the foreground.

  28. Cosmas says:

    #4 is my favor ,next is #1.

  29. Beth Bass says:

    #4 is my favorite. #1 next. Hard choice!

  30. Dennis says:

    #4 classic art.

  31. Cindy Lynch says:


  32. rebelomj says:

    #4 is my favorite.

  33. Doug Berg says:

    Mike, they are all great, but I vote for #2.

  34. I like them all, but I’m drawn to No. 2 the most.

  35. Sheila says:

    4, but 2 was a close second…I’m thinking of changing my mind even now

  36. Tonia Noelle says:

    Number One (1)

  37. Paul Moertl says:

    #3. I love the colors.

  38. Bud Friesen says:


  39. Global Source Network says:

    Number 2

    Sent from my iPhone


  40. Richard J Mirvis says:

    number 2 by far very clasic  DICK

  41. Jane Pedersen says:


  42. Michael Pierce says:

    I like #1 best. It’s a little more unusual than the others and reflects the light better.

  43. Janine Brooks says:


    Have a great day!


  44. #1 great three dimensional view

  45. Gary F Pitel says:


  46. James Lynch says:

    # 2

  47. Raquel MG says:

    I like image 4. That leaf curve is sexy.


    Sent on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note® 3

  48. Paul Grim says:

    Mike – It’s hard to tell. I would pick image 4. Paul

  49. Russ Hunt says:

    I like 2 for the brightness of it.

  50. Joe Campbell says:

    Mike, I like # 1 the best. I like them all, but #1 stands out for me.

  51. Dick Glover says:

    number 1 Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 12:47:30 +0000 To:

  52. Gary Smith says:

    I like #4 the best

  53. John E Stuhlmuller says:


    Number 2 is my favorite.



  54. nmuddie says:

    #1 then #2 and 3, in that order. >

  55. TrevaT says:

    Although I LOVE the vivid colors of 1 and 3, the lines and curves of #4 make it my vote.

  56. Theresa says:

    Number 2 is my choice

  57. Kendell says:

    1, 2 and 4 all have a very sensual feel about them. This would be my order: 4, 2, 1, 3.

  58. Duane Morford says:

    My favorites are in inverse order… 4, 3, 2, 1… but all are great.

    Thanks for sharing

    Duane Morford

    2 Belvidere Ct.

    Greensboro NC 27410


  59. summitjim says:

    Number 2 is my favorite. My first thought was #1 because of the graphic impact and darker processing. But knowing what the subject is, my favorite is definitely #2 because it makes me feel that I’m right down in the plant, or at least as its level. Number 4 makes me think of a graceful bird.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to give you feedback on your beautiful work.

  60. Martin Grassie says:

    Number one.

  61. 2 and 4 are my favorites.

  62. Maureen Terrien says:


  63. Mike Di Stefano says:

    Howdy Mike

    They are all nice, but if I had to pick one, I think #4 has the most pleasing composition and subtle coloration. #3 is a close runner up, try flipping it horizontal.

    Mike Di Stefano

  64. rick berger says:

    Number 1.  It’s the most dynamic.

  65. ddrobney says:

    #4 for me, too…love the colors and composition, but they’re all great! 🙂

  66. Ellen Hodges says:

    All are beautiful, but like 3 and 4 the best. Couldn’t narrow it down to one!

  67. Rick Danielson says:

    2 is the one I like best.

  68. lyndaadling says:

    I was drawn to No 4

  69. jonsund says:

    # 4 The shape of the leaf hints of a bird adding a dimension not contained in the others.

  70. Josh Bryant says:

    #2 as it appears it is “growing” out of the darkness.

  71. michael says:

    I like both #’s 1 & 3 ….as for the favorite the winner is #1

  72. Maryann Flick says:

    #1I like the way the curved leaves with their pointed ends all point to the center with the vignette emphasizing this.#2 is my runner up3 & 4 are average

  73. Margaret ONeal says:

    Number 1!

  74. Jan Kies says:

    Love #4. The others are nice too but this is the one I kept coming back to.

  75. Ram Vasudev says:

    They are all wonderful, Mike. But I like the #2 the best, followed by #4, #3 and #1.

  76. Mark Smiatacz says:

    Mike they are all awesome. Have to say photo #2 All in order photo 2,1.4,3 Once again thanks for sharing to us all. Mark

  77. BZ Riger says:

    I like them in this order 4, 1, 2, 3

  78. Bekah says:

    I’m late to the party but 4!

  79. Gregory Nix says:


    Sent from my iPad


  80. George says:

    I like all four, but I vote for number 1

  81. D. D. Hall, Jr says:

    Number 4

  82. Priscilla Farrell says:

    Number 2

    See you in West Yellowstone in Fall!

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