Can You Pick Which One Of Your Images Is Your Favorite?

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Which Image Is Your Favorite?

I was asked this questions a lot when I use to do art shows. Trying to decide one image to be my favorite from around eight hundred is not an easy task. I tried to pick one based just on beauty alone, but found it much to difficult as so many had their own unique features that made it impossible to choose one over the other.

This decision had to be based on a connection to an image. People buy my images at art shows based on connections to the subject in an image, so that was how I would choose my favorite, it had to be the image with the strongest connection.

The image that I decided on is called “Fern On Burn”. This was shot in the Spring of 2004 while shooting in Yosemite. That was my first time to Yosemite and my photographer friend and I had a great week photography in the park, which brings back good memoirs connected to this image.

It was the first image that I had published, and it ran in the 2004 November issue of “Outdoor Photographer” magazine and since then it was published two more times in “Outdoor Photographer” . It was also published in two other magazines.

This image had won “Highly Honored” in the “Windland Smith Rice International Awards” put on by “Nature’s Best” magazine.

It has been published twice in local news papers along with interviews.

It was featured in a TV news segment that promoted the “Ann Arbor Art Fair” .

It has also been used many times for promotional postcards as advertisement for different art shows that I attended.

Hewlett Packard owns all rights for advertisements with this image.

It won second place as “Image Of The Year” in 2004 at

I have seen a few photographers copy this image by photographing there own versions.

So that’s a lot of connections, and I can say that by far it has had more success then any other image that I have photographed, and it is the image with the strongest and personal connection of all my images.

This is my favorite image, “Fern On Burn”

Look through your portfolio and see if you could pick your favorite image, it’s not easy.


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  1. john4jack says:

    To me, choosing which photograph I like best is analogous to picking which of my grandchildren do I love the most.

  2. Bekah says:

    It’s so pretty it almost seems unreal! No wonder it’s had so much success. I personally love the title too.

    And yeah, I have trouble picking a favorite to publish on my website out of 2 very similar shots… so to pick 1 out of all my final images… not happening.

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