Put You Best Foot Forward

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Put your best foot forward.
To act in a way that causes other people to have a good opinion of you. All I could do is put my best foot forward and hope I make a good impression. From the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms.
Lets make one change to this idiom.
Put your best photos forward.
When you set up your website or a portfolio of your images to showcase, only include your very best images.
It’s better to show only your very best images, and not try an increase the size of the portfolio by adding any of your average images.
You may end up with a smaller group of images, but the viewer is more likely to be impressed if they only see top notch images.
As soon as they see your average or below average images, their opinion of you as a good photographer will change.
They will see your flaws.
So hold back those average images and only add more when you have more great images.
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  1. Bonnie Davidson says:

    Thanks, Mike,

    I was looking at my pictures this weekend, while recovering from surgery & not being able to get out & was thinking just what you said. I probably need to delete some of the ones that aren’t the “best”. You always provide just the right amount of info!

    Thank you!

    Bonnie Davidson

    Sent from my iPad


  2. ileicanikon says:

    Mike, this advice may be the most important thing any photographer can benefit from in their career as a professional or a hobbyist. When folks tell me I make wonderful photos, I often will reply . “I make quite a few duds as well, I just choose not to share them with the world”. My advice is take many, show few. And as time progresses your “Keeper” rate is sure to go up. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Mike.

  3. Paul Redman says:

    Great advice and something I realised last year. So many people post average or poor images and some even compound it but posting 3 or 4 nearly identical poor images. I only now post my very best images on Flickr even if I go months without posting anything. Something else, you may like to discuss, is why so many photographers create a website with a blog and don’t update the blog. And that includes some so called professional photographers.

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