Education will make you a better macro photographer

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

In 2001 I started my journey into photography, and after a couple years in, I decided to dedicate all my time to becoming the best macro photographer in this field.

One of the problems I ran into was the lack of training through workshops and books back in my early years starting out. What I know is basically from all the time spent in the field experimenting, and trial and error.

I bought a couple books on macro/close-up photography, but there were so many things I now know that were not in any of the books I read.

For photographers looking to learn about, or advance their skills as a macro photographer, you have my years of experience to draw from in my “Macro Boot Camps”.

It took me many many hours of “in the field” trial and errors, and tons of hours spent on the computer processing to get where I’m at, but the “Macro Boot Camp” gets you to a higher level much quicker than it took me.

Many contest wins, successes through publications, and selling my images, has helped me to understand what makes an image work.

As with most basic workshops, you will learn about the best equipment to make your macro work easier to do, but more importantly, you will learn about good subject matter, and finding the character of a subject, how to compose and process the images, and why some images work better than others.

You learn how to think before you press the shutter, and are you just producing images that look like everyone else’s images.

In the “Macro Boot Camp” you will learn in a few days what took me years to figure out.

The price of the “Macro Boot Camp” at $199 is far below any workshops offered for three days, and even if you had to pay for travel and hotel expenses to attend a Macro Boot Camp, the total price of all those expenses would still be less than just the cost of some other photographer’s three day workshop prices.

People will spend thousands of dollars on the latest camera, lenses, and software, and not spend the money or time to take a workshop that will produce the most successful images they can.

Education will make you a better macro photographer.

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